News for 2009

Sublimination EP now out on Caravan

My new EP is out on Vinyl!

Jilt van Moorst – Sublimination EP is out on vinyl  in USA and Japan, Europe wide release next week!

after that the digital release will be Beatport exclusive for a week before being unleashed to the world at large.

Posted: August 10th, 2009
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Collaborative audiovisual performance at CAMP 09 in Stuttgart

Just came back from Camp festival in Stuttgart, what a blast!

I loved the concept, take 10 performing artists from all over the world who have never worked before, put them together for a week in a half empty museum to come up with a collaborative audiovisual performance.

We chose a large dome as our venue which was still being renovated when we were working on the performance, and the delivery date was only one hour before the first performance. Luckily, the Germans run a tight ship, and the room was delivered  a day early.

It was very fun and inspiring to work closely with others for a week on something very experimental, and the performances were very rewarding. I hope to have pictures and footage soon.

Vadim Epstein (RU/Moskau) / Jilt van Moorst (NL/Amsterdam) /
Francois Pirault (FR/Paris) / Ursula Scherrer (CH/New York) / 
Scott Mcpherson (UK/Brighton)

Antonis Anissegos (GR/Berlin) / Simon Berz (CH/Zürich) / 
Ludger Hennig (DE/Leipzig) / Oliver Prechtl (DE/Stuttgart) /
Thomas Maos (DE/Tübingen) / Fried Dähn (DE/Tübingen)

Stefan Potengowski (DE/Tübingen)

Posted: July 23rd, 2009
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2 of my tracks out on Recession vol.1 mix CD

2 of my tracks are featured on October’s excellent mix CD ‘Recession vol.1’ , already getting nice reviews (DJ magazine below)

Posted: April 4th, 2009
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